Villas for rent in Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is the most renowned international destination of Greece frequented by a large number of tourists starting in the month of April until the end of October. It offers at least 25 beautiful beaches with fine sand, clear blue water and they all provide eating amenities which vary in style to suite the mood of the vacationing people from very quite romantic atmosphere to disco style entertainment.

The town of Mykonos which includes the old port is a fully pedestrian village with narrow streets, small houses with a uniform architectural style and it offers lots of shops, galleries, bars and restaurants and a very picturesque port. The nightlife in Mykonos is internationally famous for the ambiance and the music which is played by the best visiting disc jockeys. The food offered by the restaurants is one of the best in Greece due to its quality and the variety of cuisine styles from all over the world.

Apart the intense nightlife in Mykonos there are other activities available such as water sports including water ski, windsurfing, diving etc. There are small wooden boats called “kaiki” which transport people from one beach to the other and there is boat connection from Mykonos to the archeological site of Delos and other islands such as Tinos, Syros, Andros, Paros, Naxos even Krete.