Mykonos Island

The famous cosmopolitan island in the Aegean Sea

Mykonos sits amidst the Aegean Sea like a unique jewell handcrafted by time, the greek sun and an anonymous local craftsman. All that can be said or written about Mykonos would be just too little. For centuries Mykonos existed under the shade of the religious centre of Delos and it had to wait until the 20th century to reach its international status and win a place on the world tourist map.

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Mykonos, the cosmopolitan island of the Aegean

Mykonos, famously called 'the island of the winds' due to the constant wind that blows, is the most popular and cosmopolitan island of the Cyclades and considered as one the most famous islands of the world.

The sunlight of Mykonos from its first sunshine of dawn all the way to its last of the sunset is astonishing and supplements an atmosphere of images that seem to have sprung out of a painting.

Its architecture is unique with its square white houses some built one next to each other and others scattered amongst the hills and mountains, on top of huge rocks or right next to the sea waves. Sometimes even built right inside the sea just like the well-known Small Venice; where the sunset floods the sky with colours and lights it up with a deeply orange nuance while the sun sinks into the sea. And right above her, four enormous white windmills stand side by side. In the old times they worked hard in order to produce wheat, but today the simply exist making the landscape even more beautiful.

The town of Mykonos with its innumerable carefully attended whitened streets, cute tavernas, restaurants, cafes and bars always filled with people, the very good market with hundreds of shops which stay open till four in the morning are more that one could ask for and makes you want to walk countless hours exploring each and every corner.

The old harbour front where the boats used to arrive to transport people to all parts of Greece, has more than enough cafes and restaurants with a stunning view of the light blue Aegean sea and even a beach where anyone could swim or sunbathe without having to leave the town of Mykonos.

Mykonos also stands out for its numerous dreamy beaches, each suited for someones taste or age. Blond sandy beaches and cold crystal aquamarine waters. Popular beaches, well organised, fully equipped with beach bars, loud music and crazy parties. Nudist beaches or jet-set beaches or even quiet and isolated ones with unwalked sea coasts, without sunbeds or umbrellas; beaches with dozens of marine sports and diving facilities.

The most popular beaches in Mykonos are found on the southern side of the island since they are more protected from the strong northern winds. The access is very easy: either with your own vehicle or via the frequent public buses or via the local small boats that connect most beaches with each other.

Mykonos apart its fame, intense nightlife and endless parties, is a place offering innumerable beauties. A magical island so attractive that no one can visit just once!

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