Psarrou beach (bilntri)

Set in a bay surrounded by hills, four kilometres away from the town, is Psarrou beach. On the island of the winds, Psarrou is sheltered away inside the mountains and is always protected from the strong winds.

Stunning landscape, unique sandy beach, crystal water, a jet-set beach attracting celebrities from all over the world. The well-known restaurant Nammos offers the bay a note of glamour with its tastefully decorated exterior design and lush sunbeds... or more like beds!

Here customers can enjoy absolute relaxation with excellent service and a cold champagne just a second away, along with sounds of music that add to the high class atmosphere of this beach.

The only drawback is that on the month of August it is almost impossible to get a place in front of Nammos since people book them months before, and the prices are very high.

Regardless of all that, Psarrou beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and there is lots of space for everyone; further away the jet-set corner of Nammos someone could find a corner to stretch out on his beach towel and enjoy the sun and sea.