Ornos beach

Ornos Beach is the closest beach to the Town of Mykonos, almost two kilometres away.

It unfolds in front the small village of Ornos οn the southwestern side of the island, and is considered as an alternative solution for those who seek peace and quiet without loosing the facilities and comforts of a well organised beach.

A semicircle shaped bay with houses and hotels scattered around high up on the rocks with a view to the light blue sea and a cute little harbour where local fishermen tie their boats.

A beach with beautiful sand and water, perfect for endless swimming, and equipped with large umbrellas and wide sunbeds that offer you absolute relaxation; and without having to get up, they serve you coffee, refreshments and even food.

There is an abundance of taverns, cafes and restaurants set up right on the sand, and further away loads of hotels, rooms to rent, and many little shops that might come in handy being in such a close distance from the beach.